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About Lucky Luka - Lucky Luka

About Lucky Luka

LUCKY LUKA is leading slovenian company in the field of ice skating, ice rink projects, rollerblading and animation programmes. The company is managed by Luka Klasinc, former professional figure skater, participant in Olympic Games 1992, ice skating and rollerblading coach, pedagogue and entrepreneur.

The company unites creative people, experts, licensed ice skating and rollerblading coaches, former and still active skaters who together create and implement various programmes and projects. Part of Lucky Luka is also ice skating show group LUCKY LOOKERS ON ICE that performs on ice rinks home and abroad.

In the field of ice rink projects Lucky Luka collaborates with world leading company Ice-World that produces specially designed, energy efficient and environmentally friendly ice rinks.

As great ice skating lovers and professionals in this field Lucky Luka creates ice rink projects where ice rinks are much more then mere sport objects. Lucky Luka ice rinks are social meeting points where you can experience sports, fun, winter pleasure and all gadgets that ice rinks offer. About our references you can read more here.


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