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Sustainable ice rinks - Lucky Luka

Sustainable ice rinks

Ice-World, Lucky Luka and all other dealers are fully committed to being environmentally responsible.

We are concerned about people, the environment and society. In developing aluminium ice rinks, Ice-World focuses on sustainability, not least in terms of energy efficiency and re-usability.

The manufacture, rental, sale, assembly and disassembly of the mobile aluminium ice rinks are carried out sustainably. Aluminium and all other components are re-used, and the storage of the coolants is done in accordance with proper procedures and regulations.

Aluminium ice floors consume up to 40 percent less energy than traditional ice rinks made of EPDM or PE. This is due to the patented system whereby the ice surface is frozen by aluminium tubes. As metal is a much better conductor, less energy is needed. Furthermore, the tubes lie in a water reservoir only seven centimetres deep, so less energy leaches away via the floor. As a result, the system allows for rapid ice formation and also uses less energy during operation.

Our supplier (Ice-World) is ISO-14001 certified.

ISO 14001

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